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We are a WHOLESALE ONLY company situated in Rotorua, New Zealand.

 You must be a registered Authorised customer of ours in order to purchase wholesale from us. If you are not registered you will still be able to order.

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Memories is 100% New Zealand owned and operated souvenir and giftware manufacturer that has been trading for over 66 years. Based in Rotorua, New Zealand, we wholesale 460 products to over 300 outlets. All of our products are 100% New Zealand made using native and sustainable timbers and other material to achieve an authentic, high quality look.

If you are a Gift Shop, Souvenir Shop or Promotional Company and you wish to use our products, please fill in the form and Register with us. Retail customers can contact us and we will be able to help or send out a list of suppliers of our products.

We hope you find our website useful and that our products are what you are looking for.

We do specialise in custom made one off products - do talk to us or contact us for more information.

Summer Hours

0700 - 1500hrs Monday to Thursday

0900 - 1200hs Friday (pick ups etc)